Where is F1 2017 – It’s A Goodyear

Where is F1 2017 – It’s A Goodyear

The problem with creating new games each year based on real sports is that each game eventually starts to feel a bit similar. If there were no great vibes in the sport, the developers would have to bend their thumbs up. To their credit, Codemasters at least tried a few new things, but their efforts have been inconsistent over the years. Although now they have, they have created the best F1 game to date.

To achieve this as a regular business, Codemasters tends to go for something that feels more realistic than a full personal replica that always looks good on me. The improved grip and speed of real-life F1 machines have been digitized, so you can now find yourself crushed around the corner with the accelerator against the ground, having to lift it last year. The hints are still being handled well for those of us who have to use regular checks, which have vibrations and sounds to help you know what’s going on all the time. But the biggest and best change is the tires now that there are more obvious differences between the compounds that I feel. Super smooth feels different to super smooth and away from medium compounds. Whereas before, I often found that the different tire options felt similar, switching from a weaker option to a more difficult one changed my driving.

Boring racing can be mixed with the joys of a dynamic weather system, so an early drizzle can have you trying to decide when to switch to dry tires, or the first race in qualifying can. He received pole position because the skies suddenly opened. And he decided the region would be improved with new lakes. As he takes to the track that gets more grip as more tires are put on, he will have satisfying dynamics for the race.

The AI ​​hasn’t changed drastically.But there seem to be some changes. Some big battles can happen if you increase the difficulty. In fact, in my first race, I fought Verstappen, which lasted us wheel to wheel.

Speaking of the previous difficulty of the F1 game, there is an issue where you will have to change the difficulty even more to find a reasonable challenge. But suddenly, F1 games will add to its toughness. It is often difficult to find a good balance between too easy and too difficult. Here they opted for a 0-100 system so you can fine-tune the AI ​​in more detail and it seems to work well.

At the start of a match, you will be given the opportunity to choose one of two recommended break strategies created by your team. But you can fix these problems if you think you have a better plan or like me. If you are completely overestimating how well you can handle the tires, you will often get messages from engineers mid-race asking if you want to use the current strategy or switch to a new strategy that they have come up with that will make you feel like a real driver.

What’s off the track is familiar, as the game’s modest budget means Codemasters has repurposed most of its assets from last year, so the same people lurk in the same paddock as F1 2016. Other graphical enhancements include few and minor, but I must say that this game is still quite beautiful. The details of the side track look great. The car is a faithful reconstruction of a real life companion and the dynamic weather is magnificent. The only downside to the presentation is the sound, which is something the Codemasters have struggled with on the series. Not bad, but it can’t capture the sound of the real deal, even though it’s totally fair. Today it sounds horrible.

Ah! But there is a solution for this confusing new model of car, strange noises, and insane grip. Yes, classic cars are finally back and Codemasters has been able to distinguish their true aesthetics: there is an R26 that took Alonso to his last championship eleven years ago, or a McLaren Mp4 / 4 in general. These twelve classic cars and beasts handled satisfactorily, unlike the 2017 roster, roaring and spitting their dislikes as you tackled them around the corner, perhaps with less sound. But the loud noise of those engines brought back many memories.

These beasts will appear as invite events throughout Career mode, where you will be asked to do things like overtake a specific number of cars. It’s a welcome break from the standard grind, as opposed to the sometimes boring jog through a seasonal grand prix. But if you don’t want to wait to drive classic machines, that’s where extended championships come in. In addition to creating your own personal solo event or custom championship, there are an unlockable championship series including races, reverse races, grids, and much more to aid gameplay. Lively There are also time-limited activities where you can participate in activities like taking control of Verstappen after your nose has been damaged.

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