The JDS Labs 02+ODAC Combo Little Black Box

The JDS Labs 02+ODAC Combo Little Black Box

Little black spell box how do you work? Although I appreciate how amazing the sound is. But the mechanisms behind them were all similar to black magic in my eyes. What I do know is that sound is something that is often overlooked from a game and filming point of view, and spending money to get what makes that sound can change that perspective. It’s not until you’ve opted for a good headset or speaker system, you’ll appreciate your hearing loss.

Today’s motherboards, despite their low price, sound surprisingly good without the need for people to worry about it. You can plug in a suitable headset or speaker and get satisfactory results. But there are people like me who want to get better because we are greedy like that. Having said that, while I like to get the best quality, I’m not an audiophile by most definitions, so this won’t be a full-blown, complex terminology review. No, this is a typical gamer review with a few good headphones. After that, we can get opinions from people who know what they are talking about.

The history of this little box and many similar devices on the market is really strange. An audiophile named Nwavguy has challenged the industry by measuring many of the claims made by companies about their products and finding them lacking. He concluded that the price was absurdly high, while performance was only sufficient, and he finally decided to try and create a budget headphone amp called 02 Headphone Amplifier.He then moved on to fabricate a DAC to go along with. With it, which receives the digital data and turns it into analog before sending the amplifier. Both of these devices are open source, meaning anyone can make or sell them, and they are incredibly popular because they are cheap and sound great.Sadly, Nwavguy and his blog have been quiet since then. Since then, his project to include an amp and DAC, which appears to have been scrapped, however, companies have released his creations and it’s one of the versions I’m reviewing today.

The box has two seemingly simple tasks: the first is amplifying your chosen headset without distorting the sound while delivering enough raw power to even the most durable cans. Another task is to function like a sound card, taking the sound out of your game or album or movie and making sure it is of the best quality possible so that you can enjoy every loud boom sound. Screaming and screaming The objective of the Nwavguy is to deliver 100% transparent sound, meaning there will be no changes on the go from the computer to the headphones or speakers.

So the first thing to talk about is the overall look and build quality, both of which are solid. Some stick pads are included to stop all things sliding around. On the front we have the amplifier and the ODAC section clearly marked with the headphone socket. Strange that the second socket is not marked at all. It can be used for audio input if you don’t want to use USB input, so it’s uncommon that it’s not clearly marked. You’ll also find a low / high gain button on the front, as well as a volume control.

Installation is incredibly easy – just plug the included power cord into the back of the box, then plug it into an easy-to-use socket outlet. The only catch is that JDS provides an optional low-cost power adapter that some users reported failing to deliver the required power when dealing with headphones with 300 or more impedances. I can’t personally comment on this.Other variations in this design include batteries, rather than having to power them directly from the wall, which makes them easier to carry.

Once the magic box is all connected, there are no drivers to install or any software to fiddle with, so it’s truly plug and play. All you have to do is select ODAC from your playback device list in Windows, and then plug your headphones back together. Simple. The downside to this simple operation is that unlike my Sound Blaster Z’s internal sound card, there is no software for it. Any modifier, you can’t modify the bass sound or play it with equalizer or something like that. What your box and headphones have to offer is what you get.Nwavguy is filming for a minimalist design with nothing changing the sound source, so in that sense the JDS stays true to its original vision. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting some customization options without using third-party methods.

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